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ISKCON organises the HERITAGE FEST, a competition of Indian heritage based events for school students. It is the biggest cultural festival for school children in Hubli-Dharwad. The fest which spans for around 2 weeks is organised in the month of June or July.
Heritage fest is an open competition for students of LKG to 10th, from any school (Government, Aided or Unaided & Private) with free entry. Around 29 contests are conducted. It involves a number of colourful events like drama, dance, rangoli, vocal music, Vedic quiz, painting contest, etc. Around 15,000 children participate in the fest.

 Goal of conducting these events:

Heritage fest is a fest of Enlightenment, Entertainment & Creativity

Great sages of India have left behind a legacy of Vedic knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Much of this wealth is also portrayed through artistic expressions in the form of dance, music, poetry, architecture, painting and so on. ISKCON Hubli, a beacon of Indian culture, celebrates the Heritage Fest to offer a talent platform for school children and encourage their understanding of Indian art and culture.
Students from classes LKG to 10th Standard are given an opportunity to display their creativity and talents in these contests. This also gives us an opportunity to help children appreciate the invaluable and glorious heritage of our country.
To help to inculcate important values in our culture in an entertaining way.

 Medal, Mementoes and Certificates


All the participants are given an attractive certificate. The winners of the contest are given Gold, silver and bronze medals, mementoes & trophies. Around 800 prizes are given away during prize distribution. An attractive “ROLLING trophy” is given to the school with overall best performance and a runner up trophy is given to the runner up school. Next top 3 schools are also rewarded with mementoes. A special memento is also given to the school with maximum number of entries in the Fest. All teachers who have trained the winning students are also given mementos.
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ISKCON CULTURAL FEST (for college students)

In an effort to bring out young and budding artists from colleges & to nurture their creativity and talents and also to familiarize students to the beauty of Indian culture & heritage, ISKCON Hubli-Dwd organises Cultural Fest, an intercollegiate fest for students of Hubli-Dwd in the month of sep or oct.

Vedic Quiz:

Around 100 teams participate in Vedic Quiz contest. There are 2 rounds. For qualifying rounds there is a written quiz, based on scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharat etc. The 4 qualifying teams are then selected for the final oral quiz. This gives a chance to expose the students to vedic scripures and marvel at the knowledge contained in our ancient but timeless scriptures.

Elocution :

In Elocution contest the students can improve their communication skills and gain confidence and at the same time dwell on the subject of values contained in our rich tradition. The students speak with pride about the glorious culture of India.

Gita Sloka chanting:

In Gita Sloka chanting, groups of students melodiously chante the Gita slokas, thus memorizing important instructions given by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.
Painting: Hundreds of college students paint colours of their imaginations to create a beautiful painting on canvass. Importance is given to artistic and creative use of colors and also the theme conveyed by the painting. The students can choose any themes from Ramayana, Mahabharta, Bhagvad Gita, Bhagvata etc.

Classical Dance:

Dance in India, is rooted in age-old tradition. This vast sub-continent has given birth to varied forms of dancing, each shaped by the influences of a particular period and environment. These pristine forms have been preserved through the centuries, to become a part of our present culture, a living heritage which is both our pride and delight. Nurtured in temples, princely courts or villages, dance has moved into the auditorium of today, bringing pleasure to many more people, in far-flung regions. The abundant largesse of dance in South India, from the Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu, to the Kathakali dance-drama of Kerala, to the Kuchipudi of Andhra, has become part of the melting-pot of culture enriching the life of any Indian today.


In a run to revive people’s interest in live dramas which have become obsolete with the appearance of TV in every house, ISKCON organizes the contest in Skit. Any piece of advice communicated through a visual-aural form has more impact on human mind than any other form. A skit, besides offering entertainment, can also influence and uplift the minds of spectators. The students choose from the varieties of themes from the ancient Puranas.


Mimicry is a Art, in which a individual Mimics/Copies the Style, Movements, Dressing Style, etc of his/her Ideal, and presents this skill via Mono Acting. Mono Acting also means acting by yourself as One person. Several students come up with interesting plots to showcase their talent in mono acting, a rather less taken branch of theatre.


It is a day of visual treat especially to the flower lovers when the indoor temple hall seemes to be transformed in beautiful & colorful indoor garden by the students participating in Pushpalankar (Flower Arrangements). Around 100 students participate in the Pushpalankara contest under Cultural Fest.
Students can present flower decorations in different types like (A.) Garland, (B.) Bouquet (C.) Special Flower Arrangements etc. Arrangements are judged based on creative use of Flowers fruits, leaves and other decorative items. Students are asked not to smell the flowers or taste the fruits as they are offered to the Lord.


Sri Krishna Contest (SKC) provides an opportunity to the students of Class 5 to Class 10, to acquaint them with the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna, great devotees and self- realised souls. The idea is to enrich their perception of life with noble and desirable qualities. It is a state wide written test (paper-based, objective-type) conducted for government and private school students from Class 5 to Class 10, based on their study of existing books on Krishna conscious subject matter
Goloka shades is a colouring & painting competition for class L.K.G. to 4 th.This is an occasion for the student to show their innate talent & Creativity.
All the participants are given an attractive certificate. The prize winners are given mementoes, trophies & medals during prize distribution ceremony.
Sri Krishna Contest and Goloka shade contests are conducted during November month.


The culture camp is conducted during the summer vacations and provides a refreshing break for the children. This camp offers systematic training in various art forms whilst equipping children with essential life skills. Once a child acquires a reasonable level of proficiency and skill in any discipline, he/she can gauge his/her own competency level by competing with peers from various schools in inter-institutional competitions