The 16th Annual Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra in Dharwad

Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Ratha Yatra, the chariot procession was organized by ISKCON at Dharwad today(10/2/2018).  The inaugural function was held at Kalabhavan, Dharwad at 4.30 pm in the gracious presence of Sri Siddha Shivayogi Mahaswamigalu of Sri Siddharood Math, Devarhubli and Pandit Sri Bhimsen Acharya Malagi, Madhwa Scholar.  Sri Sadanand Dangannavar, Chairman, NWKRTC was also present

The chariot of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram traversed through the main streets of Dharwad such as Vijaya Road, Gandhi Chowk, Subhas Road, Tikare Road, Line Bazaar and P.B. Road.  Hare Krishna Mahamantra resounded throughout the city lifting the devotional mood in the people.  The procession came to an end at 8.30 pm at Kalabhavan Kadapa Maidan.  A grand Mahamangalarati was performed to their Lordships.  All the assembled devotees were fed with full meal prasadam.

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