The danda mahotsava, the festival of distributing chida dahi – flattened rice in yogurt and condensed milk was celebrated with full zeal at ISKCON Hubli-Dharwad on 31st May 2015.
This festival is celebrated to commemorate the humorous punishment given by Lord Nityananda to Srila Raghunatha Dasa goswami in the village of Panihatti.
The festival began with Narasimha Kirtan and Tulasi arati at 5.45pm. The deities of Gaura-Nitai received a wonderful abhishekam with all auspicious items like milk, curd, honey, fruit juices, colourful flowers etc.
The deities were presented with 26 special offerings which were later distributed to the devotees.
Ecstatic Kirtans were performed with Pallaki utsav inside the temple hall. All the assembled devotees were fed with chida dahi and seven course prasadam.