Akshaya Tritiya – On 3rd May 2022

Akshaya Tritiya is regarded as one of the most auspicious days for new beginnings. This festival occurs on the third day (Tritiya) of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Vaishakha every year.

The word ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means inexhaustible, that which is unlimited or everlasting. Thus this festival is a celebration of unending happiness, peace and prosperity

Akshaya Tritiya is linked to a number of historic events. It was on this day that Sudama, a poor brahmana, went to Dwaraka and met His childhood friend, Lord Krishna. Though Sudama never asked the Lord for any help, Lord Krishna blessed him with unlimited prosperity in return for his most humble offering of chipped rice. In spite of possessing great riches, Sudama remained a great devotee of the Lord and never forgot Him till the end of his life. Consequently, he attained the supreme perfection. Thus Akshaya Tritiya is also a festival of Lord Sri Krishna’s blessings for prosperity and devotion.

At ISKCON Hubli-Dharwad, the deities are adorned in chandana alankara, wherein pure sandalwood pulp is smeared all over the body of Their deities

This year we are celebrating Akhsaya Tritiya on Tuesday, 3rd May 2022.

Offer Sevas on this auspicious occasion and seek the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna