Gopal Goshala

At Gopal Goshala Hubli, we are attempting to serve the noble reason of cow protection in a humble way. In this Goshala, the Cows, Bulls, and Calves are looked behind with excellent respect and love. These creatures live never sold to slaughterhouses or abandoned actually when they become old. They are born till the end of their lives very happily. At current we maintain around 20 cows.

Quotes from the scriptures

Protection of Goshal is the single multiple important principles towards keeping the whole world from both honorable and spiritual degradation. Just by the security of Cows, all the great benefits of religiosity and purity will be automatically performed without any particular endeavor.

In scriptures it is said, brahmana-Avaya go-brahmana-pitaya ca Krasnaya “My Lord, You are the well-wisher of the Cows and the Brahmanas, and You are the well-wisher of the entire human society and world.” (Visnu Prana 1.19.65). Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the perfect protection of brahminical civilization and the Cow. Without understanding and appreciating these engaging personalities, one cannot learn the science of God, and without this understanding, any interest activities or humanitarian propaganda cannot be successful (SB 4.21.38 purport).

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The human community needs only acceptable grains and Cows to solve its financial problems. All other things apart from these two are manufactured conditions made by man to kill his useful life at the human level and destroy his time in something that is not needed. Lord Krishna, as the professor of human society, privately guided by His acts that the mercantile society, or the Vaisyas or business or trading community, should herd Cows and Bulls and thus give protection to these useful animals.

According to smrti law, the cow is the mom and the Bull is the father of the human being. The Cow is the Mother because just as one stinks the breast of one’s mother, mortal humanity brings Cow’s milk. Similarly, the Bull is the Father of human society because the Father makes for the children only as the bull tills the land to produce food seeds. Human culture will kill its nature of life by killing the Father and the Mother. (SB 3.2.29 purport)

Goshala in Hubli dharwad

The Goshala is the most important animal for developing the human body to perfection. The body can be supported by any kind of foodstuff, but Cow’s milk is extremely essential for developing the finer tissues of the human brainiac so that one can comprehend the complexities of supernatural knowledge. A civilized man is predicted to live on foodstuffs including fruits, vegetables, grains, sugar, and milk. The Bull helps in the farming process of growing grain, etc., and thus in one sense, the Bull is the father of humankind, whereas the Cow is the Mother, for she supplies milk to human society. A civilized man is therefore expected to give all security to the Bulls and Cows. (SB 3.5.7 purport)

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Protection of cows and bulls are possible onlProtection of cows and bulls are possible only when cultured and pious minded citizens come forward to actively support the cause by their words, actions and wealth. It is the responsibility of every one of us.

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