Cultural and Value Education Services

Under the banner of Cultural and Value Education Services (CVES), ISKCON Hubli-Dharwad conducts many programs to impart Value Education in the school children of the twin-cities.

i) Prahlada Sunday School

A value based entrepreneurship school, Prahlada Sunday School is conducted on Sundays from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. It aims to help responsible parents in raising their children in essential social, moral and spiritual values.

ii) Culture Camp

Conducted during Summer vacations, the culture camp provides a refreshing break to the children. This camp offers systematic training in various art forms whilst equipping children with essential life skills.

iii) Heritage Fest

A festival of enlightenment, entertainment and creativity, Heritage Fest serves as a talent platform for school children and encourages their understanding of Indian art and culture. Students from classes LKG to 10th are given an opportunity to display their creativity and talents in these contests.

v) Krishna Contest

Krishna Contest is a written contest to enrich children’s perception of life with noble and desirable qualities. It is a state-wide written contest conducted in the month of October-November for Government and Private schools from classes V to X.

iv) Goloka Shades

Goloka Shades is a colouring and painting competition for classes LKG to IV, conducted in the month of October-November which aims to harness the creative talents in the children and prepare them for a professional career in art.

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