Sri Radhashtami – On 11th September 2024

Sri Radhashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the bright fortnight (shukla paksha ashtami) in the month of Bhadra (August – September). It is a very significant festival for the devotees. Radharani is the mother of the entire universe and on this auspicious day devotees pray to Her to bless them with Krishna-bhakti.

On this auspicious occasion, the special mantapa is made for Sri Sri Radha Krishna and is decorated with brilliant, colourful flowers which spread their fragrance everywhere.

In the evening, devotees perform kirtanas and glorify Srimati Radharani by singing wonderful songs composed by Vaishnava Acharyas. Hundreds of devotees visit the temple to witness the celebrations. All the devotees are served with delicious prasadam.

This year we are celebrating Sri Radhashtami on Wednesday, 11th September 2024.

Offer Sevas on this auspicious occasion and seek the blessings of Srimati Radharani.